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Reigning Pearls Organization Fall/Winter Clothes giveaway 2023!

Flyer about the clothes giveaway!

Thanks to all my volunteers who came out to help assist with the clothes, help people to their car with their clothes and staying to the end helping me cleanup at the end of the day. I greatly appreciate all of you all so much!

Here is a video of me talking about the clothes giveaway and how many people came and showed out. I had so many who was in need of clothes, coats and shoes come out and support Reigning Pearls Organization. Thank you to the YMCA and their staff who was so kind and gracious throughout this whole process. Thank you to ALL the volunteers who came out to support and help Reigning Pearls. Thank you again to the YMCA for letting my rent the space for the day, I so appreciate it. Thank you to everyone who shared my post on IG, facebook and spread the information about the clothes giveaway. I really, really appreciate each and every one you from the bottom of my heart. With Love, Reigning Pearls Organization CEO, Sherese Reed!

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